Lux Booth

Megalux Photo Booth Rental

The Lux Booth is always a winner!
Megalux Photo Booth is a photo booth rental company in St. Louis, MO. We provide custom, complete photo experience for guests to enjoy using high-end photo booth rentals with social media, green screen, video and animated GIF capabilities. Book us today at #MegaluxBooth

Megalux Photo Booth Rental is here for one reason, and that’s to give you and everyone you know the best photo booth experience you’ve ever had in your life. Infinite designs for your unique taste, fully customizable booths, luxurious & affordable, all-inclusive packages, and flexible on customized requests! Certainly the best way to create lifetime memories. We cater to the needs of every event, and as a result we’re perfect for any event. Amenities: Luxury Furniture Items, Social Media Kiosk, and Red Carpets. If you want your event to be the one everyone talks about weeks after it’s over, then you’re at the right place. We have the most luxurious photo booth setup in the entire St. Louis area and beyond.

Experience firsthand the level of dedication, the quality of customer service, and the atmosphere of affluence associated with the Megalux brand. And don’t forget to follow us on social media!


The Lux Booth is 8 feet by 8 feet, equipped with multi-color led lights. This booth has a choice of an “One way in, One way out” option or an easy flow “Walk Through” option just by closing or opening a door way. This booth inflates in almost any space (small areas or large open areas) just leave room for prop tables and equipment. Our Lux booth Is excellent for Weddings, High school, Corporate events, Teen parties, and Special events. After checking out other views of our “Lux Booth,” book this booth below and check our availability for St. Louis & St. Charles neighboring Areas.