Megalux Photo Booth Employees will travel 4 hours in any direction (500 Mile radius) with a charge of 0.99 cents per mile excluding the first 40 miles from starting point along with returning miles from event ( a total of 80 miles). If traveled 500 miles you will be responsible for payment of the remaining 420 miles driven including overnight Hotel stay to prevent any casualties on returning road trip. everything is calculated based on distance, setup time, possible delays on road to event(s), break down time after event is completed, as well as travel time back to Headquarters to unload photo booth(s) and equipment.

Zip Codes for St. Louis County


Tight Budget?

Luxury doesn’t have to break the bank…

Save $100 by converting either package above to an “all digital” format. Thus removing the photo printing aspect. Social, Email and Txt sharing will be enabled for guests to still receive their photo.


Need More?

Luxury knows no bounds

Need wall to wall coverage with roaming event photographers? Multiple booths? A space shuttle delivered overnight? Contact us to build a package that goes beyond the TRIPLE-LUX. Let us cater to you and create a customized MEGA-LUX  package!


Megalux Photo Booth Rental is here for one reason, and that’s to give you and everyone you know the best photo booth experience you’ve ever had in your life. Infinite designs for your unique taste, fully customizable booths, luxurious & affordable, all-inclusive packages, and flexible on customized requests! Certainly the best way to create lifetime memories. We cater to the needs of every event, and as a result we’re perfect for any event. Amenities: Luxury Furniture Items, Social Media Kiosk, and Red Carpets. If you want your event to be the one everyone talks about weeks after it’s over, then you’re at the right place. We have the most luxurious photo booth setup in the entire St. Louis County area and beyond.

Experience firsthand the level of dedication, the quality of customer service, and the atmosphere of affluence associated with the Megalux brand. And don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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