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You’ll have the liberty of choosing one of the four kiosk shown below when booking your special event. The Ring Touch and Glow Touch Kiosk are very unique in their own ways. The Ring Touch Kiosk however, has an iPad with a luxurious ring of light illuminating the crowd as it captures each and every moment taken within the kiosk. The Glow Touch Kiosk has it’s own built in lighting system underneaths it’s outer surface, giving you the glamorous experience that you deserve, when taking pictures within the kiosk. All kiosk are for your needs, based on the backdrop or enclosure you choose, you’ll receive the kiosk you so desire. Providing 5 star satisfactions to our clients are top priority, so don’t feel pressured when there’re endless options that come before you.

Megalux Photo Booth Rental - Open Air Glow Kiosk
Megalux Photo Booth Rental - Open Air Touch Kiosk
Megalux Photo Booth Rental - Open Air Ring Touch Kiosk


Contact us through our booking form to permanently book our services and to also create a customized package for any themed event of your choice!